MoneyTree provides comprehensive insurance
planning advice, which looks different for every client.

One size fits all is fine for a baseball cap. Good advice is not an off-the-shelf solution.

It’s a tailored fit.

I like to get to know you first, that’s why our first meeting is always free.

Our Bread and Butter

Personal Insurances

Life can be complicated.  Insurance shouldn’t be.  We learn all about where you’re at, what your life is like and what’s important to you. We use market leading insurance providers to deliver just the right type and quantity of insurance for you.

Life Insurances

How much do you really need? And how long will you keep it?  We help you understand what it’s for, and work out how much to buy. Then we compare prices across lots of companies.

Fixed premium insurance – life insurance that doesn’t go up!

Some policies are cheap when you buy them, but over time the premiums go up. And up. Then double. But there are other options.  Talk to us about level premiums – the smarter way to buy life insurance.

Income insurance

The income you haven’t earned yet is your most valuable asset. Most families can last up to a few months without the main income, but beyond that…

You’ve covered the house, and the car; but what about the income that will pay for them and keep them running?

Business insurance

Being in business is both challenging and rewarding. It also has its own risks.  No sick leave, no redundancy pay. Talk to us about how you can make sure the business, and the people behind it, can survive any serious illness or injury.

ACC audits

ACC is the insurance everybody has, and few understand.  Many business owners think they pay too much for their ACC.  There is a better way.  It’s called CoverPlus Extra, and it’s a very good idea.  We can help you set up your ACC cover to work better when you claim, and work alongside your other insurances.

Health insurance

Avoid waiting lists and get access to cutting edge medical procedures and drugs. We know the options.  We compare several major providers and help you find the right policy.

Home loans

We help you get ready to get ready to apply for a mortgage. We explain what you need to have, bring, and do, to make the process simple and enjoyable.

Fire and General insurance

We use a good broker to compare prices from several providers.  From cars to houses, to business and commercial. Travel to construction. Couriers, taxis, tradies and more.

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“I would recommend Regan to anyone wanting an honest, complete evaluation of what's best for you.”

Craig Burnett

“My Partner and I were looking for life insurance after the purchase of our lifestyle block in the Manawatu. We contacted Regan and he has helped us through the whole process with professionalism and integrity. Regan stayed in touch throughout and kept us up to date on the process and explained all the insurance jargon so that we could understand it. We would highly recommend Regan to all those looking for sound financial advice.”

Clint Dunstan

“Regan really loves what he does. How unbelievable that is to me, he actually gets excited about insurance! And that is what you want. Someone who will dive into the matter, read it all, compare everything and then give you an advice which is best for you. Which is not always profitable to him, so that shows integrity. He can literally talk about it for hours, but with a healthy dose of humour.”

Sandra Schalk